Ben Tannenbaum


    Secret Wizard of the Strange Futures


  • Bienvenido - I'm Ben.

    I believe in connecting people, companies, and communities to drive innovation and opportunity for others. You can find me operating at the crossroads of strategic partnerships and emerging technologies. Because that’s what’s up.


    Interests include: The Grateful Dead, good coffee, camping, hot sauce, meditation, beards.

  • Professional Experience

    I currently serve as Director, Partner Development for Fetch and oversee our east coast client service efforts.


    Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning rewards app that gives everyday shoppers an easier way to save on everyday purchases, and streamline their shopping experience through smart planning features like lists and recipe inspiration. The vision is to leverage technology to transform shopping into an engaging, rewarding, and delightful experience. Brands are then offered a view into their shoppers 360 degree shopping habits to help create lasting engagement and loyalty.


    Previously, I connected leading CPG brands with early stage startups at Evol8tion and advised corporations on how to maximize their engagement with pro bono work and skilled volunteerism with NPower.


    And before that, I survived corporate gigs at NBCUniversal and MasterCard and cut my teeth at mobile technology startups MX Telecom and Velti (who both experienced liquidity events during my tenure).


    The world is constantly changing. I meditate at the forefront of change. It's a good fit. In a today's climate, somebody needs to protect fragile ideas from corporate conservatism and myopic thinking. Might as well be me.

  • Social Good

    I support and endorse these nonprofit organizations

    Yoga Foster

    Advisory Board Member​

    Yoga Foster aims to empower public school teachers and other influencers in school to provide quality, accessible yoga - directly in the classroom, during the school day - by minimizing the barriers of entry of integrating physical activity into schools, not limited to costs, time, and resource accessibility.

    The Animation Project

    Former Advisory Board Member

    The Animation Project nurtures the social, emotional and cognitive growth of at-risk youth, using digital art technology as a therapeutic medium and a workforce development tool.


    Former Young Executive Board Member & Mentor


    iMentor's mission is to improve the lives of high school students from underserved communities by providing them with mentors who are dedicated to helping them succeed in college, and beyond.

  • Sounds

    I also make music

    Mr Xmas Tree (2007-2017)

    Apology Chicken (2018...)

  • Let's Chat

    Drop me a line and let's connect. I'm always down to meet for coffee.